The Resurgence of the Monogram: What Has Spurred this Growing Trend?

From stylists and celebrities to people in your local area, you have likely seen more than a few monogrammed items floating around. While this isn’t a new trend, it has gained quite a bit of popularity in recent years. If you are like some, though, you may wonder why there has been a resurgence of this personalization trend.

The Birth of Monograms

Monograms date all the way back to early Roman and Greek history. In these times, the rulers would add their seal to the currency being used to help identify where it originated. During the Middle Ages, monograms were applied to artwork as a signature. Even during Victorian times, people would use monograms to show off their status and wealth.

Today, monograms can be found on an array of items and used for multiple purposes. Keep reading to learn about some of the modern ways monograms are used today. 

To Indicate Ownership

Many younger people own something with their monogrammed initials on it. These items are often given as gifts by family members. These items are ideal for many people because they also show ownership. When you have a bag, cup, short, or anything else with your personal monogram on it, it also creates a sense of pride.

Antique and Vintage Items

Recycling and reusing items from different eras is popular today. You can find an array of household items in thrift shops and antique stores that come with custom monogramming. Today, you can find items that range from antique desks to vintage bar sets that display these initials or letters. When you purchase these items, you can show them off with pride in your home and have an interesting conversation piece with a unique history.

Fun and Function

Monogrammed items are virtually limitless today. You can find monogrammed coffee cups, bowls, outerwear, purses, and more. These also make great gifts. For example, are you attending an event and need a hostess gift? If so, why not purchase a monogrammed mug, towel set, or pillow? This is a great way to give a personalized gift that has special meaning. It also lets you give something that mixes fun and function, and who does not love that?

A Symbol of Marriage

For many married couples, an exciting and fun way to show off their union is by purchasing an array of household items that show off their new family name. Today, monogrammed items are also popular wedding gifts for newlyweds. It is a nice symbol of two people who have decided to share their lives.

As you can see, monogrammed items aren’t new, but thanks to all the ways they can be used today, they are still growing in popularity. If you want to purchase monogrammed items for a gift or for yourself, be sure to find a company that specializes in this service. This will help ensure you get the quality products you want and need.

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