Shipping & Returns

Turnaround Times
Our standard order production time for both screen print and vinyl orders is 10 working days. This is normally two weeks not including holidays which may increase the turnaround time. Please note your job production time will not start until the following three approvals are made:

  1. Signed work order is received (Or accepted online)
    2. Our accounting department has received and processed a 50% deposit.
    3. Artwork is approved

Occasionally, due to high volume we need more than 10 working days to produce an order. We try to alert our customers in every case. However, if you have a job that must be delivered by a certain date & time, please make sure your sales rep knows your specific deadline requirements when placing the order.

Last Minute Prints
If your order is needed in a shorter time frame than our standard order production time of 10 workdays, we will try in every possible way to accommodate your request. However, rush orders often cause us to run our production staff at overtime hours, resulting in the need to charge additional rush and shipping fees.

Every custom order receives three mock-up designs with the understanding that you will be purchasing prints from us.
If you have your own design or simply just a design idea, it’s no problem. We can work with you whether its production ready, a mere concept in your head or somewhere in between. If your design requires more than two edits, the additional charge is $25.00 per hour.


Graphic Design Consultation and Sample Prints

Some customers may need AGGT to create their design for them or even need sample prints to make a pre=sale order for event marketing or many other reasons.  We can provide graphic design services and sample prints at a discount rate if the few guidelines below are followed:


  1. An approximate date that you will be placing the entire order.
  2. Customer pays full price for the sample with the understanding that there will be a credit when the full order is placed making the sample shirts the same price as the quantity order.
  3. If we provide art and samples and the customer does not place an order, we will charge $50.00 for the art consultation.
  4. Graphic design work that’s created by our employees is intellectual property of A God Given Talent. It cannot be utilized or reprinted by any outside business without our written consent. 
  5. Of course ownership remains with the customers who provide their own art work.

AGGT offers flexible payment options to fit your organizations pay requirements.
We accept cash, checks, major credit cards and authorized school or municipal purchase orders.

Order Deposit
All customers are asked to pay a 50% deposit at the start of an order and then full payment upon order completion or pick-up. AGGT expects full payment on delivery date unless priority.

Price Breaks
All our prices are based on the quantity of garments ordered. The higher the quantity, the lower the cost. Our price breaks are set at 12, 24, 50, 100, 150, 300, 600.
All quantities above 600 pieces should apply for a special quote from our sales manager to receive the lowest price possible!

Mix & Match for Price Break
It is possible to mix and match garment types to get a higher price break. Our price breaks are based on the number of same design items, not similar garments. For instance, if you order 100 t-shirts and 50 sweatshirts, as long as the design is the same for both items, you will be able to take advantage of the lower price 150 quantity break.

Quantity Minimums
A God Given Talent does not have a minimum requirement.  Customers can order one tee for that special day or 600 for that special event.

Reorder At the Same Price Policy (Screen Print & Embroidery Orders Only) 

The best advantage of a large quantity order is the low cost of the higher volume price break. After an initial order is placed, often the need arises to reorder substantially less of the same design for a second order. If the second order is placed within a month and exceeds 10 shirts AGGT allows you to place a much smaller quantity reorder at the same price as your original order. This can be a huge benefit to your company, school, group or organization when planning for an event.  If your design is something that your organization will need to order on a regular basis please see your sales rep during your initial order to set up a contract to maintain the discounted rate.

If you have questions about our reorder policy, please feel free to contact your AGGT sales representative.

 Order Returns and Misprints

A God Given Talent Tees and Crafts prides itself on maintaining the highest quality in our sublimation, vinyl and screen printing.   We spend extra attention in the front end of an order to make sure your specific desires are met so when the final product arrives you are satisfied. It is often difficult, but we do require our customers of sign-off on every order detail for both the item/size/color ordered and the design color/placement/size too.

Please note it is extremely important that a customer pay attention to all the specifics in the order sign-off process, so the end result is correct.  Please double and triple check spelling.  Items will be printed exactly as spelled on the mockups.

Order Returns
An order of customized garments or items that has been screen printed cannot be returned because we cannot return the items to our wholesale distributors. If your final product arrives and you believe it is different than what you signed off on, please contact your sales representative immediately. We will review the complete order with an internal investigation and determine if your instance qualifies for an order reproduction.

Misprinted Garments or Items
Occasionally in large production runs, a few items are misprinted and are distinctly different than the correctly printed order. Another potential problem is that a garment or item defect could have made it past our quality control and has been included in your overall job. If this is the case with your order, please contact your sales representative with the specific item(s) and problem. In most cases, AGGT will credit you back the cost of the misprinted or defective items from your invoice. If the misprint quantity is larger than 5% of your total order, then you may qualify for having the individual items replaced with a reorder. You will also be given the choice to add the replaced items from the misprint included if you have planned to place a reorder.

 Order Cancellation

In most cases, our order process does not start until the work order is accepted online or signed and returned to our office. Immediately following your order acceptance, our accounting department will review the order and our production department will purchase blank goods for your order from one of our several wholesale resources. An order cannot be cancelled once the goods have had any part printed. Customized goods are not returnable to our wholesale firms, so we cannot credit you for any placed order that has been decorated.

15% Restocking Fee
If you elect to cancel your order after we have already purchased the wholesale blank goods, but before they have been embellished, then you will be charged a 15% restocking fee. The restocking fee represents our real costs to return the blank items back to the wholesaler. We must always pay a restocking fee to return any goods as well as the freight costs to transport the goods.

Rebate back to large order
If you know the item style needed and would like to order a sample range of sizes to measure your own group, please indicate so by placing a blank sample order for all the sizes you believe will be ordered. Once you have all sizes figured out, return the samples back to us so we can insert them into your larger screen print. We will rebate the cost of that initial sample order on your larger order placed, less the freight costs.

Quality of Our Work Sample
AGGT believes our production quality is the best in our industry and we have no problem showing you examples. If you need to see a completed item that represents the quality of our screen printing work please indicate with our sale department of which specific type of sample you would like and we’ll send it out to you.

Pre-Production Samples
If you require a completed production sample item with your exact screen print work done on it the order may incur an extra cost and delay the production deadline. On large volume orders, we believe a pre-production sample is often a good idea and recommend it. It will assist you in confirming the right design sizing, placement and colors before the whole order is run.

Screen print pre-production samples will be full price not including the quantity discount as if you were ordering only one shirt.  Once you place your order you will be credited for that sample purchase.  If you do not place an order the sample is yours to keep and of course we will keep your payment and no credit will be issued.

If you have already paid your 50% deposit on an order of 15 or more, you qualify for a pre-production sample at no cost. Please inquire with your sales representative if this is applicable to you.