Your Church Is More Than A Business

A church or a mission rests on principles, and on a process – a set of steps that you want to follow to succeed in bringing the much-needed message into the world.

Being able to rely on the right supplies and resources doesn't make you just business-minded – it makes you sensible in a day and age when today's churches and missions are trying to carve out a space in a busy world.

Suppose you're a youth minister trying to provide for a large young adult population. Maybe the youth group made their own shirts for several years, but that process became difficult and you want some ready-made custom designs that your kids can be proud of!

Or suppose that you have a particular event that's meant to generate publicity. Custom shirts can really come in handy there, too. As we have sat down and thought about this from a mission-oriented standpoint, we have discovered the utility of offering things that in the business world, you might call “branded” but in the church world, it’s more of a message-based idea. 

Purpose-Driven Design

We bring a deliberate approach to offering churches and missions their own tools to build visibility and reach their audiences. That’s something that’s important to us, because again, we see how the world is changing, and what it takes to keep up. 

When you see something like our “faith over fear” shirts or other kinds of vibrant messaging on cotton or polyester blends, you see how these get noticed out in the real world where we are called to spread the word. The idea of putting Christian “memes” out there helps church-minded people and faith-minded people to show their own hearts in a sea of what so often looks like chaos at first glance. 

In bringing these resources to religious leaders and church administrators, we are helping these very necessary institutions to do their work in a way that's not just business, but guided according to the ethics and principles that we want to project into the world. Time and time again, we talk to ministers, ministry teams and church leaders who have started to see the new ways to reach people, who are turning hidebound congregational models into “new wineskins” and revolutionizing how the gospel spreads. We are glad to be a part of that, and we want to show you how this works in a world that needs God. 

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