Making Memories Unforgettable Through Christ

Making Memories Unforgettable Through Christ

No two religions are considered the same, though many may follow very similar ideas. Whether you are practicing agnostic beliefs or are a firm believer in God, faith can be a strong way of bringing people together no matter how they think or feel. Many churches offer non-denominational sermons to appeal to all mindsets and might offer youth groups or activities to bring people together outside of church. This may include Easter celebrations or Christmas pageants, but because they encompass the values of many, can have a unique way of uniting everyone.

Activities for Youth Groups

The best way to begin with the teachings of Christ is through a young age, such as Sunday School or fellowship groups. Some kids grow up with the same children in church as they would in school. This can enable one to develop close bonds and lasting friendships with their religious peers. Through the use of youth groups and extracurricular activities, they can enhance this bond. Some of the most effective ways are through field trips and exciting journeys together.

Many of us may remember church camping trips from our childhood. The memory of the bus picking you up and taking you somewhere with all of your friends was a moment that is hard to forget. Spending time singing the familiar campfire songs, such as Kumbaya and Hallelujah, are part of what makes the experience so unforgettable. Sometimes, through museums, water parks, and festivals, not only can you get a group rate, but you can continue to enjoy the company of the church in a fun and friendly environment.

Besides the good memories we take away with us, we can often bring back souvenirs to remind of our journey through Christ together and allow us to empower our faith. Some of the best methods can be through a brightly colored shirt that identifies us as members of a community where we know we belong. Through the mutual love of God, we are often brought together to overcome the adversity in life. Many times, all we need is an indication that we are a part of a whole and a t-shirt can be a simple, yet effective form of reiterating the unity.

If you are planning a youth adventure sometime in the future, don’t forget how important it can be for teenagers and children to feel included. With a penchant for adventure and God in your heart, faith makes it possible to do anything. Come look at our website to see what we have to offer as inspiration for your next trip!

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5 Inspirational Gifts for Valentine’s Day

5 Inspirational Gifts for Valentine’s Day

There’s no denying the truth; store-bought gifts are often generic and repetitive. No matter what the occasion, a personalized, well-thought of gift is much more meaningful than an overpriced gift basket from the store.

For Valentine’s Day, it’s a lovely gesture to show your friends, family, or significant others how much you truly appreciate them. More than just a present, Valentine’s Day gifts are a present that will be treasured for years to come. It’s time to think outside the box- and off the shelf – and find a unique gift for your loved ones. Read on for five Christian gifts that everyone will love on Valentine’s Day.

Christian Shirts

If you’re looking for the most creative Valentine’s Day gift for women, men, and even children, skip the mall and visit our Christian shirt section. You’ll find many shirts with designs and phrases printed on them, ready to ship. We offer self-worth t-shirts, seasonal t-shirts, as well as an option to customize your own shirt.

Tree of Life Earrings

These are the perfect earrings to coordinate with the "Rooted In Christ" t-shirts.  The posts are fish hooks, and the earrings are very light, which makes it comfortable to wear for long hours. These silver earrings are handmade and the material for the charm is made of alloy. Sturdy, beautiful, and perfect for the woman in your life!  

Personalized Footwear  

Research shows that more than one million people get engaged on Valentine’s Day. If you or someone you know and love have a wedding in their future, we have a must-have gift for you. Be comfortable on one of the most important days of your life with our personalized wedding Flip Flop Sandals. Not getting married? No problem! We offer summer vacation flip flops as well!


Personalize your own coffee mug by uploading your favorite photo or text, create stylish photo coasters of favorite memories, or design a personalized printed can holder – the choice is yours! Drinkware is a popular item when it comes to gifting, and Valentine’s Day is no exception! There’s no better way to say, “I Love You” than with a big smiling face on a cup or coaster!

Custom Towels

Our 3-piece monogrammed towel set is perfect for family gifts or a great way to spoil friends. Plus, we offer lots of color choices to match your bathroom decor. Our towels are monogrammed with professional grade heat transfer vinyl that has a smooth velvet feel to the touch. And, you can use them for everything from your spa, gym, or the luxury comfort in your own home. Beautiful double stitch detail ensures low wear, wash after wash!

Personalized, custom gifts are the exact opposite of roses and chocolates. Choosing the right gift for your friends, family, or significant other can be a tough decision – especially on Valentine’s Day! These gifts are unique and one-of-a-kind, they are crafted with love and personalized for the people you love. For more options, browse through our collections at

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Looking For a Christmas Gift For a Christian Friend or Family Member Consider These Great Options!

Looking For a Christmas Gift For a Christian Friend or Family Member Consider These Great Options!

The average American household spends roughly $1,500 on Christmas gifts annually. If you are like most people, buying gifts for the ones you love is something you enjoy doing. The key to giving a person a useful and memorable gift is finding ways to personalize it.

Before you can personalize a gift, you have to make a list of things your friend or family member is passionate about. If you are buying a gift for a person who is a Christian, you have a number of options to choose from. The suppliers of Christian merchandise and apparel typically have a large selection of items, which means you need to do some research before choosing a gift. Here are some of the things you need to think about giving a Christian friend or family member for Christmas.

A New Bible is a Great Gift

One of the first things most Christians do to start their day is to get the Bible out and read a few scriptures. Most people find that starting their day this way allows them to be more positive and patient. If your friend or family member has been complaining about their existing Bible falling apart, getting them a new one for Christmas is a great idea.

Luckily, you can find Bibles in all shapes and sizes. If you are looking to add a special touch to this gift, find a supplier that is able to personalize the Bible. Putting your friend or family member’s name is well worth the money due to how special it will be to them.

Christian-Themed Apparel

Most Christians jump at the chance to display their faith in public. This is why things like t-shirts with Bible verses on them are so popular. Not only can you get your friend a Christian-themed shirt, there are also hats and even tote bags on the market.

If you are going to buy a piece of Christian-themed clothing, you will have to do some research beforehand. Finding out about the gift recipients shirt size is important. Once you have this information, you need to ask the supplier in question about how true to size their shirts run. Being thorough will allow you to get the right size shirt.

Jewelry is a Good Idea

Investing in some jewelry is also a great way to show your Christian friend or family member how much you care. Whether you get a gold cross necklace or some Tree of Life earrings, you need to make sure these items are high-quality. Lower-quality jewelry will usually break in no time, which is why spending money on something a bit more durable is a must.

Find Great Deals on Gifts

Setting a budget before you start the gift buying process is a good idea. At A God Given Talent, you can get quality Christian-themed merchandise for a reasonable price. Contact us now for more information on the items we have in stock.

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Planning a Youth Mission Trip? Consider These Helpful Tips For Success!

Planning a Youth Mission Trip? Consider These Helpful Tips For Success!

Getting young people excited about going to church is a difficult task. For most youth pastors, engaging with young people is something they enjoy doing. Nearly 20 percent of the teens in America classify themselves as Christians.

One of the main things you need to focus on as a youth pastor is making learning about the Bible fun. Instead of only talking about faith and serving in the confines of your church, make a point of going on mission trips whenever possible. Most young people will jump at the chance to go to another part of the world of this country to spread the message of Jesus Christ.

Here are some of the things you need to consider when trying to play a successful youth mission trip.

Make Readily Identifying Members of Your Youth Group Easy

The biggest challenge you will have when taking a large group of teenagers on a mission trip is keeping them all together. Instead of allowing your group to wear regular street clothes while out and about in a new area, provide them with customized shirts or hoodies. Not only will this clothing help you identify your group, it will also provide you with an opportunity to showcase the name of your church.

Before investing in customized religious attire, do a bit of research. Ideally, you want to choose an organization that has lots of previous experience with producing this type of merchandise. Thoroughly researching all of the custom clothing providers in your area can help you make the right decision the first time around.

Choosing the Right Destination

One of the most enjoyable parts of planning a youth mission trip is choosing a destination. The biggest misconception most youth pastors have is that mission trips have to be to far away countries. In reality, there is a lot of work that can be done in this country when it comes to spreading the Gospel.

Instead of choosing this destination on your own, allow your youth group to have some input. Getting this input can help you see outreach opportunities that you may have looked right over.

Fundraising is the Hardest Part of the Mission Trip Experience

Once you have chosen a destination and established a budget for the mission trip, you will have to focus on raising money. Often times, churches will take up a special offering for upcoming mission trips. You may also want to think about putting on a fundraiser.

These fundraisers can be everything from a bake sale to raffling certain items off. Starting the fundraising efforts early on is a good idea. The earlier you can start this process, the easier it will be to get all of the money in place before the mission trip is scheduled to begin.

Quality Apparel is Just a Click Away

Are you looking for great looking and affordable Christian-themed apparel and merchandise? If so, the team at A God Given Talent can help you out. Contact us now to find out more about the products we carry.

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