Why Your Church Needs Custom Printed T-shirts

Custom t-shirts have been part of school groups, family reunions, and workplace functions. They can also be a part of your church. In fact, church groups can use custom t-shirts to build community and spread the news about your church. It’s also a wonderful way to strengthen the bonds within your local church community. If you haven’t created custom t-shirts for your church, we have a few reasons why you should:

  • It can encourage people to volunteer.

How you encourage your congregation to volunteer their time can take many forms. You may have a sign-up form readily visible within your church, requests for volunteers in your bulletin, and requests across social media pages. As each person shows up to volunteer, you can use custom printed t-shirts as a thank you for those that show up to devote their time.

  • It’s a great way of establishing your church in the community.

As your congregation uses their spare time to volunteer and be out in the community, having custom t-shirts is a great way of sharing the news about your church. Designing a t-shirt that shares your church location, hours of service, and any virtual services available is a great way to draw attention to any possible newcomers.

  • It makes a great welcome gift.

Helping newcomers feel welcome in your church is so important. T-shirts are a wonderful way to help them feel at home in your church. So, as you put together materials to give to newcomers, make sure you include a custom t-shirt. It will help them feel part of the community and encourage them to bring a friend next time.

  • It can identify church staff members and volunteers.

For church events, if someone is new, it may not be clear who to talk to or ask a question. By giving out custom t-shirts to volunteers or church staff members, they become easily identifiable. Doing so makes it much easier to approach a stranger if you are new at an event. You can even have specific roles identified on the t-shirt to help clarify any confusion amongst event attendees.

Attractive and well-designed custom t-shirts are a great way to build community and start conversations about your church. Ensure church members to wear their t-shirts while out in the community and be ready if someone has questions about the church. You may also want to change the t-shirts and their style according to the event and church group. Create your custom apparel with A God Given Talent.

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