Meet The Designer

Hi, I’m Terria, a wife, a dancer, a teacher at heart, a talented being made by God and a sufferer of Hidradenitis.



What makes our clothes special is that it speaks self-esteem to the person who is wearing it and uplifts everyone who sees it. I was diagnosed at the age of 12 with Hidradenitis. Due to this auto-immune disease which causes painful boils and has no cure, my self-esteem was very low for many years. My disease was not something that you could see by just looking at me, and I was too embarrassed to share with anyone. This disease made me feel dirty and I wanted to just hide from the world. At one point I wanted to take my own life rather than live in so much pain. However, with God, family and friends I came out of my depression and found the beautiful person inside that God called me to be. God will walk you through it all even when you feel like giving up and carry you through.

I now use my God Given Talents to remind others of who they are, and who God is within them. You are beautifully and wonderfully made. Sometimes we all need a reminder of what God has placed within us. Why you? Why not you? Share your testimony, it may help someone that’s going thru. Create your own design or choose one of the designer shirts.

What’s my Mission? To provide quality shirts that will uplift and inspire people to not give up on themselves or God.

If you suffer from Hidradenitis please reach out for help. You are not alone. There are multiple support groups on social media, numerous websites, and YouTube videos that can help you. Don’t hide, share so that we can find a cure.

More About Hidradenititis

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A God Given Talent Craft Shop will provide custom shirts that will make a statement. You’re not just wearing a shirt; you’re also sending a message to anyone who sees it. It’s a fun way to elevate your fashion sense for a very competitive cost.

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Are you shy? Afraid to speak? Let your shirt do the talking! We create custom T-shirts for men and women that incorporate the statement that you want to print. As a custom t-shirt store, we ensure that each piece is tailored to your size and taste.

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A God Given Talent Craft Shop is founded in the sense of confidence and self-love. With our shirts, we aim to spread this positive vibe to all our clients. We guarantee that the shirts you’ll get are something you’ll be proud to wear.

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Aside from shirts, we also have custom made aprons, drinkware, jewelry, hats, and hoodie. You can get a lot of goodies in our store for a very competitive price. We make each piece with love and craftsmanship so you'll be satisfied with each purchase.

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If you’re looking for Christian shirts, we have a wide range of designs that you can peruse. We make pieces for men and women while there are also unisex versions. We use various printing methods to suit the design you like. You can place single purchases or bulk orders.

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Make Your Own Custom T-Shirts from a God-Given Talent Craft Shop

Do you want to personalize your t-shirts? Here at A God Given Talent, we have designers to help you come up with the design that suits your taste. Our custom t-shirts for men and women are affordable and fit for anyone.

Whenever you have an idea, just let us know and we will make it come true on your shirts. This way, you can wear your design loud and proud. From the screen to the street, we will make it come true.

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With our custom t-shirts for men and women, you can now wear your ideas and designs proud. This way, you can wear unique clothes that no other person has.

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Christian shirts for women and men

From verses to shirts! We also customize Christian shirts for both men and women. You can now wear your faith proudly for everyone to see. It will be the envy of your church mates and your friends.

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Do you want to shop your loot of customized shirts? We have a custom shirt store for you to peruse. Feel free to shop for men and women shirts to your heart’s content. 

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