10 Fun Facts About T-Shirts

10 Fun Facts About T-Shirts


10 Fun Facts About T-Shirts

 T-Shirts were a male article of clothing, with a tight fit and wide neck designed to show off the male figure.

  1. The first company to use T-shirts to promote pop culture was Tropix Togs. Rock and Roll bands helped popularize t-shirts after that.
  2. T-Shirts are the primary product sold by websites!
  3. The world’s most expensive T-Shirt design costs $400,000. The T-shirt is made of organic cotton and has a set of 16 diamonds sewn into the the fabric. The 16 diamonds amount to 9 carats!
  4. It is said that in order to make a full circle around the Earth you would need approximately 56 million medium sized T-shirts.
  5. 91% of Americans have a favorite T-Shirt in their wardrobe.
  6. Coca-Cola was the first brand to ever promote themselves using T-Shirts.
  7. There are many processes for custom designed T-shirts:
  • Screen Printing which involves the creation of a mesh screen which has ink pressed into a blank shirt.
  • Digital printing which uses a giant version os an inkjet printer to dye the fabric of the t-shirt directly.
  • Heat Transfer irons a design for a special type of paper onto a shirt.
  • And Airbrushing which using a small spray gun.
  1. Over 2 billion shirts are sold each year!
  2. The T-shirt was first marketed and produced as “underwear” in 1904 by Cooper Underwear. It was first referred to as long underwear, the t-shirt emerged by separating the top and bottom half.

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