May Courageous Faith Winner - Jamiyla Meade

Jamiyla Meade is our Courageous Faith Award recipient for the month of May 2019.  Jamiyla currently lives in Raleigh, NC but is originally from Brooklyn, NY.  Those dear to her heart are her five siblings, her niece Saniyah, her nephew Ryan and her Godson Jadeyn.  One of the hardest things that Jamiyla has overcame was giving up smoking.  Although the journey was tough, she overcame it with prayer and obedience. She encourages anyone else who may be dealing with the same thing to keep the faith because she is a witness of how God can heal.  Every day she looks forward to growing and learning something new.  During difficult times faith, hope and love are the things that keep her going.  Jamiyla’s word of encouragement to everyone is “Little by Little becomes a lot.  Stick to it”

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