Crystal Burgess - Courageous Faith Customer of the Week (4/7/2019)

Crystal Burgess is our Courageous Faith customer for this week.  Crystal was born and reared in Roanoke Rapids, NC.  She has three handsome sons; Jermione, Corey and DeAndre’.  She is the youngest of three, and loves spending time with her older sisters, Lori and Jennifer.  One of Crystal’s most challenging things in life was to lose both of her parents.  First her mom when she was only a teen, and recently her dad.  She says it’s truly a blessing to wake up every morning and see her boys adoring faces.  During her difficult times prayer, faith and her three children keeps her pressing on.  Crystal’s advice to us is that “God is bigger than any problem that you could ever face in life”.  Her motto is “EVERYBODY THAT CAME WITH YOU DEFINITELY CAN'T GO WITH YOU!!

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